First Time Installation

After just a few easy steps you should be up and flying with your new Revolt Flight Controller.   We are going to make sure we have updated to the latest software, and then change a few settings.   With the upcoming release of RaceFlight One a lot of these steps will be unnecessary, however for now you need to do these few simple steps to get flying with the latest build of RaceFlight.

Step 1: Select Voltage

The first thing you should do is jumper your board on the bottom.  If you are using Spektrum you probably need 3.3v or if you are using Taranis or some other radio system, you should jumper both jumpers to 5.0v

Step 2: Putting into DFU mode

Step 3: Update RaceFlight Firmware

Step 4a: Setup Radio (Taranis, SBUS)

Step 4b: Setup Radio (Spektrum)

Step 5: Setup Radio Endpoints

Step 6: Enable Arm Mode

Step 7: Updating your ESC (Optional)

WARNING:  BlHeli ESC are buggy.  This can cause your ESC to be bricked.  We have tested this thoroughly and it works most of the time, however if you do have a problem with an ESC bricking you will need an Arduino Nano to fix them.   This costs only a couple of dollars, however just be careful when flashing ESC.

Step 8: Checking Motor Direction

WARNING:  BlHeli ESC are buggy.  This can cause your ESC to be bricked.  It may be better to switch motor direction by swapping two of the wires going to the motor.  Again we have tested using the method inside RaceFlight and it always works for us, however you still have a risk.

Thats it, now you should be able to go fly.   If you have any more questions or need any help please visit us on our slack, or email support.   You can find more information on this by clicking the support link above.